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Very brief recap of Con experiences: www.xanga.com/myoclonictwitch

Okay. Hm. I was thinking about a variety of things when I realized that even in this rotten, putrid day and age I still have a moral compass, and her name is Linda Yang. Yessiree. Surrounded as I am by druggies, kleptos, gangbangers, drunkards, perverts, pathological liars, and the sexually overactive, Linda remains the shining pillar of purity and non-corruption. I smoke and I think, "Egads, what would Linda think?!" (Well, not really egads..) Or I'm sorely tempted to just walk away from a poorly attended kiosk with my coat stuffed with videos and the only thing that stops me is the idea that Linda would disapprove.


I've become an immoral wretch in this modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah--Schaumburg! Thank the gods for Linda.

All hail! Hip-hip, hooray! I'm gonna go make a golden idol of her now...

rofl. Anyway. Thanks a million bunches, Linda.
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