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So. I was beaten. Again. Relegated to second place. Again. By her. AGAIN. Well... she's never really beaten me at anything, but she was always THERE, the potential Rival, so like me and at the same time, so not. A good poet, possibly a good writer, but far more superior to me in other aspects. Like, for instance, the rest of schoolwork, or social status, or, hell, fashion sense. I don't care about that last one, but it's still a tally against me in the eyes of the world. She's a perfectionist, and I'm a lazy slob, but writing.. WRITING.. THERE I should be able to soundly TROUNCE her. But.. I don't know. I'm slipping. So I'll either have to work harder than ever before so I can beat her, or I'll have to KILL HER.

I feel like an anime character. "Must.. get.. STRONGER..! Must.. defeat.. RIVAL! ..URRAAAAAGH!"

In other, more amusing news, Elaine, Stephanie, and I have made a pact: for the first two weeks of summer school, they're going to turn me into a prep. Yessirree, you read me right. This all started from a heated discussion concerning whether or not I was prep material, with me on the defensive, so we all decided it would be interesting to see whether or not I could pull it off. Heh. A-heh heh. It's called Operation: Temporary Metamorphosis.

I'm gonna have to take notes on clothes, posture, speech, and attitude of preps in my school by the time finals swing around. And then, with the guidance of Stephanie and Elaine, I will be walking, talking, and looking like one of Them. I shall be reborn as... ::drumroll::... JESSIE. Uraaagh!

I wonder if they can SMELL FEAR.

Ohhhhh, and Lindaaaa... Your two Blade of the Immortal manga have been discovered in Stephanie's locker. X_X And the strangest thing is, I can't remember ever giving them to her, and she can't remember taking them. The only explanations are A.) I stashed them in there myself when I was using her locker, or B.) Sadistic alien creatures zapped them from my home and teleported them there in order to confuse me and muddle my mind in preparation for their total take-over of my being.
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