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I love this song. Aaahh. Tu vas me detruire! Tu vas me detruire! Et je vais te maudire jusqu'a la fin de ma vie! Mua mua mua. I hate Frollo but this song just hits a spot.. It ought to be Elliott's theme song, for when he goes around the bend. Yeeeaah, I'm planning another insanity spree. XD

Got a perfect score on my French composition with an extra bonus point, yaaay. And. A B- on my last book report, goddamnit, with a bazillion notes around the edges about writing expository, even though she's been writing the same notes all year.

Let it stand in the record that I hate those little pop-up ads that appear waaay at the bottom of the screen, UNDERNEATH everything else, so you have to re-adjust everything to get rid of it.

Wow. A hectic week finally winding down. Mindless panic over getting everything prepared JUST RIGHT for Gifted Expo (insanely long entry on it in my xanga), harried rushing around, snatching this up and groping for that and punting this person out of the way and into that one who then proceeds to scream hysterically about display boards and styrofoam... Aaaahahaha. But it's over now. OVER! WHAT IS THAT I TASTE IN THE AIR? LIBERTYYYY! Aha. Okay. And now I have to study for finals next week and the Rules of the Road test, also next week, to get my permit. Huzzah.

Went to see my dad last night. Had dinner with him and my uncle's family in some casino boat restaurant. I could wring my kid cousin's neck. She annoys the piss out of me. But I like their doggy, even if any show of affection from it will destroy me with allergic reactions. Merrp.

Andrea: EJ's fickle mind hath chosen.. Anything Fruits Basket. @_@ <--swirly eyes of obsession.


Edit: (like two seconds after submission) Did I write that I am now the editor for the Opinions column in my school paper? Probably. Oh, well. Just reminded of it 'cause I'm going to a Crier meeting in half an hour. Huzzah!
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