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Well. The Finals are upon us. English and Algebra II today. I feel nothing. I'm vaguely worried about math, but that's about it. I'm not even excited about no-school-ness. Maybe 'cause I'll be taking Driver's Ed. over the summer. I don't want to drive no stinking car. I'm not even going to get a car. Not within the next ten years or so, anyway. I'm just taking it because it's required to graduate high school.

Anyway. I should be panicking about finals, but I'm not. Even if I completely, completely bomb my English final, the lowest grade I can get is a B. As for Algebra II... well, I just need a D or higher to pass the year. And it's multiple choice, so that should make it easier. I'm really going to try harder to pay attention in class next year. It's a promise. Even though according to everyone, trigonometry's all about memorizing formulas, which I can't do to save my life.

I should've studied. I'm going to at school today. I was supposed to yesterday, but I took a nap right after school that lasted longer than I'd wanted, then I watched Keen Eddie. Filled out my driver's permit slip. Wrote a little. Slept.

I'm more concerned about the book I want to write now than anything. Present tense or past? Present tense seems appropriate but I hate writing it. And it's turning slowly but surely from a realistic fiction piece to paranormal conspiracy. Yeek.
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